Asheville, N.C.

While cleaning one Saturday morning Billy Joel’s And So It Goes came on. As I continued to dust I thought about how haunting the song was which then led me to think about real loss. What must that feel like? Sure, I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve buried family and friends, but the kind of loss I was wondering about goes beyond those experiences.

And then they came to me. Emma and Cooper. I immediately sat and proceeded to write thirty pages of a new story. Emma and Cooper were high school sweet hearts who experience a horrific tragedy. This tragedy drives them apart only to find one another again seven years later in Asheville, North Carolina.

I am really looking forward to writing their story. And as it were, while writing those first thirty pages three other characters came forward and want their stories to be told as well. So it appears that I have four book series sitting around in my head waiting to be written. I am still working on the title of the series, but I like The Second Chance Series right now.

First things first! Finish my first born, The Seduction Series.

Check back in for more information!