Fairlane Trade International, an arms company in Africa and the Middle East is run by three very different, yet alike men. Each man finds his love in the most difficult of situations. Read on to discover their stories.

Brandt- the owner of Fairlane Trade International is a man apart. He is at least until he meets Chase. But his past is always at his heels and this time it threatens to take Chase from him. After Chase is caught in the crossfire, Brandt takes her on the run, stopping at nothing to protect her. When you find something precious you hold on tight. Follow their journey in Seduction in Sierra Leone.

Patrick- he never forgot the girl with the doe eyes. She haunted his dreams and filled his nightmares. In a bizarre twist of fate, his past forced their paths to cross again. Patrick will not let his doe eyed girl get away again. Something done years ago is meant to not only follow Brandt but Patrick as well. Patrick vows that he will never allow Madison to be harmed again. Will he succeed? Find out in Seduction in Seville.

Logan- a shell of a man for too many years to count. He lost the love of his life and will never be the same. Or so he thought. He finds his love in the fight for her life and knows this is his last chance. She is on the run from a mad man and Logan is the only one who can save her. But there are more than two lives at stake. Can Logan save them all? Read the finale installment, Seduction in Scotland, to complete their stories.