Living in Baltimore means that Autumn could be here in a few days or not until November. But, Autumn is my favorite season so last Sunday I decided it would start when I said so.

One of my favorite fall traditions is swinging by my favorite local coffee shop on Sunday mornings and then strolling down to the farmers market in my neighborhood. Baltimore City has recently gotten a pretty bad rap (okay, a really bad rap). But, in truth it’s a great city. I love Baltimore for many reasons; the people are real- what you see is what you get, the people are quirky (think: John Waters) and the people are wholly unpretentious. Beyond the people we have great food, I mean really great (I think I need to do a whole post on our food scene to do it justice so stay tuned), we have a huge art scene and with the exception of the dead of winter there are always fairs, events and parties to attend. And did I mention the really good people?

But one of favorite things in my great city is the JFX Farmer’s Market. It’s always bustling, even in December when it can be in the 20s (or the 70s depending). The vendors are hard working produce farmers, dairy farmers, mushroom forages, butchers and bakers.

Sometimes I will just stroll through and sip my coffee. I love watching the kids on their dad’s shoulders with chocolaty faces from their fresh breakfast goody. The dads, too, are happy because they are sipping some of Baltimore’s finest coffee, Zeke’s (which conveniently has a little donut shop stand right next to them so you can grab fresh made mini donuts to go with your coffee). The moms are not left out of the happiness as they look over the fruits and vegetables trying to determine the best of the bunches before moving on to flowers and local ice cream. (Okay, maybe that’s the order I would choose)

Other times I emulate all three; I have a coffee in one hand, chocolate on my face, a bag full of fresh produce and stroll through the sea of (good) people and vendors. And in Baltimore no one thinks twice about seeing a grown woman walking through the farmers market with chocolate on her face.